Cookies … AIP round 2

So, we are on to Round 2 of AIP. At his last appointment, the Rheumatologist told Keith that diet has nothing to do with his symptoms. That was February. So off the diet we went. In April, Keith told me he was ready to go back on. Everything hurt. Keith ready to give up sugar again? Miraculous! So on to Round 2 of AIP – about a month and a half in.

As I venture further down the AIP road, I get more adventurous. Tonight, I made these Lemon Cookies. They taste a lot like lemon bars. Levi said, “diet cookies?” But then proceeded to call them delicious. I will admit that rather than fuss with the gelatin egg, I used a real egg. Keith seems to tolerate them so it opens up a lot of baked goods.

I’ve also gotten quite good at making grain-free tortillas. Now on to buns and breads experimentation…

As we continue our journey, it is clear that he reacts to food additives. At our next appointment on June 28, we will again ask about food allergy / sensitivity testing. There is definitely a clear connection between what he eats and how he feels.