Basically, spaghetti is a “no” on every level of AIP. Noodles, no. Tomato, no. Parmesan, no. So tonight, with a little help from the internet, I made Zoodles and Nomato Sauce. As I made this sauce, and of course taste tested along the way, I thought there was no way my kids (and husband) were going to eat this. Zucchini – not a kid favorite. Beets – not a family favorite (except me..). Funny red colored sauce. Nope, nope, nope.

Imagine my surprise when after the initial, tentative tastes, my family tucked in. And ate. And called it good. I did let the kids put Parmesan on it; Keith got none. And just for future reference, two “zoodled” zucchini is not enough. We ran out of zoodles. (Did I mention my kids don’t like zucchini?). I did add ground beef to the sauce, because what’s spaghetti without meat? Maybe some Italian sausage next time.

And there will be a next time. My family requested it. Wonders never cease.

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