Meals galore

It’s an AIP foodie post. I am unapologetic. Only for people with windows. For some reasons pictures don’t show. I’ve been trying to remember to take pics of the food I’ve made. Tonight’s menu was Pad-see-ew with cucumber noodles.

It was actually quite tasty! There was nothing remaining! And I made Keith a brownie (AIP friendly of course). I did tweak the recipe for the frosting… I added a bit of whipped coconut cream to it! Yum!!!

Yesterday, I made philly steak wraps. I kind of just made up the recipe after looking at several examples. It turned out pretty good and Keith can wrap them in coconut wraps while the kids used regular tortillas. The “slaw” was just cabbage, apple cider vinegar, and a bit of honey.

Quite tasty as well. I needed a meal Keith could grab and go with, since Levi had a hockey game.

Salmon patties have become a family favorite as well. This works well since we have salmon in the freezer. đŸ™‚ tomorrow I plan on making a stuffed flank steak for V-day and some grilled asparagus. I wonder if I could do the flank steak roll on the grill? May have to try that!

Anyway, it’s going ok here in week 3. I’ve been experimenting with some ingredients and Keith has found a love for sweet potatoes that he didn’t have before. Also, for breakfast, I premake a hash. It consists of the AIP sausage, a slice or two of bacon, whatever root veggies I have handy, some turmeric, ginger, onions and mushrooms. Levi loves the AIP sausage and Keith doesn’t complain about the hash. It keeps disappearing so I guess he likes it…. ?